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When YOU are HAPPY, we are HAPPY!

Professional Philosophy

WHEN IT"S TIME TO MAKE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE... You deserve the best. That's why you deserve a Real Estate Team, that acts in your best interest at all times - a team you trust, have confidence in, and feel comfortable with. Through the years our clients have taught us that it's important to take the time up front with an initial consultation -- a two-way interview, where you discover if we are the right team for you, and you are the right clients for us. What should a Real Estate Team do for you? We believe that no matter how busy you are, no matter how successful you are in your business in real estate, you require deserve team members that are:

SKILLED CONSULTANTS: Helping you understand real estate market values, loan programs, and taking the time to ask what's important to you your family when buying or selling a home. Imagine them asking insightful, intelligent questions to clarify your goals and values so your choices will be easy. Imagine them not giving you advice until you've confirmed they've heard what you said.

TOUGH NEGOTIATORS: It's YOUR money! What would it be like to have your Real Estate Team treat your money like it's their own -- to make sure you don't give away any of your money. Imagine a team that is focused on getting you the Best Possible Price and not focused on just getting a quick commission.

METICULOUS MANAGERS: For all those voluminous details, from implementing successful marketing system, to structuring the offer loan programs, to handling legal documents and requirements from city and county ordinances, California Law and Federal Regulations -- dotting every "I" and crossing every "T" so costly mistakes are not made.

That's what a real estate team should do for you -- they are your fiduciary agents, legally ethically, always acting in your best interest at all times with utmost care. And that's what we do.

Let us help you make your dreams come true.


* California Real Estate License

* Real Estate -- Tax Benefits of Ownership

* Real Estate Courses in Principles, Practices, Law, and Economics;

* Real estate law and practices in California.

* Extensive computer training (cutting edge) for real estate application

* Certified Negotiation Specialist Certification; Extensive training in negotiation communication skills

* In depth experience in Corporate Management Sales

* Willoughby: Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with honors, Phi Lambda Upsilon. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

* Alan: Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Appraisal Principals and Procedures

Professional Experience

Willoughby has over 25 years experience in Real Estate helping people successfully market and purchase their homes. Prior to joining Coldwell Banker in the Mid-Peninsula, she was with Coldwell Banker in Marin County. Before entering real estate Willoughby held a career in management, working for various employers including Tom Peters (author of "In Search of Excellence").

Alan worked for 16 years in high-technology firms, managing major account sales and systems integration projects. In 2006 He began his real estate career in the residential mortgage business prior to joining Willoughby at Coldwell Banker in San Mateo.

Personal Background